15th June 2022

Mystery Buttons

These buttons from an unknown firm are all made by A.J. Parkes. They have the look of an insurance or a security firm. Does anyone recognise this logo? It appears to be a shield with 3  oak(?) trees upon it.

The two copper coloured buttons and the small whitemetal button are simply marked A J Parkes, the other has  A J Parkes in cursive script, then BRISBANE in block letters beneath.

Could they be uniform buttons for Oak Insurance Ltd? Please let me know using the Contact page if you know more.

The Canberra Times, 21st June 1975 page 11.


Australian Mutual Provident Society

No backmark

The Australian Mutual Provident Society was established in 1849 as a life-insurance company and mutual society. It became a public company in 1998, AMP Limited, and merged with AXA in 2011. Unfortunately, the  2018 Royal Commission saw the company’s reputation and market value tarnished.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 2st December 1848 page 1.

The Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser, 28th February 1885 page 438. Many grand old AMP buildings around the country are now heritage listed.

The Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser, 21st March 1885 page 606.

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