Beutron was owned by G.Herring Pty. Ltd. It later took over Beauclaire which in turn had merged with Leda.On the “Vintage Advertising” page are ads from stores showing buttons; these are ads placed by the manufacturers.

There were so many adverts from this company I had to separate them into decades. Take a stroll through the years on the next few pages!


From late January 1949 cards of Opal-Glo buttons with matching cotton were advertised for 1 shilling per card.

The Braidwood Review and District Advocate (NSW), 31st May 1949 page 1.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 31st March 1951 page 26.

The price rose by October 1951 to 1′ 3. Cards of 1 and 2 dozen were available as well as the smaller cards. They were still sold by the dozen in 1954.

From an Australian Women’s Weekly ad, 17th October 1951 page 61.

and again by  March 1952;

Australian Women’s Weekly, 19th March 1952 page 60.


The price came down to 1′ 3 by April 1954. They were still that price in June 1957.