6th October 2022

New Realistics

Figural/realistic/goofy buttons are such fun. Here’s my latest bunch of figural and picture buttons.

I love the prawn, and the crocodile. The banana makes me laugh (see also below). I mean, would you put a banana or a prawn on your dress? There is a Beatrix Potter button there, from the Tale of Jeremy Fisher. It is almost a shame that the button is small, and the beautiful illustration not easily seen.

?painted plastic with inserted wire loop shank.






I put aside some Australian examples to show, separately.

The star (or starfish) was sold on 1940s  “Fashionable Buttons”, probably made by General Plastics.

The koala was sold on “Jack and Jill” cards by Rex C. Norris.

The rabbit and duck have been sold on Beauclaire, Beutron, Embassy, etc, cards since the 1950s (and possibly even the 1940s for the duck).

Some of the flat, simple animal/plant/boat shapes were made in Australia (and elsewhere), cut from sheets of casein plastic. Unless seen on cards like these, we can’t be sure where they were made.

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