5th October 2022

Civil Construction Corps: 1942-1945

Australian War Memorial # REL/11262  CCC badge. Backmark: Amor Sydney

The Civil Construction Corps was established in April 1942 to provide labour for war-time construction of necessary infrastructure such as airfields, barracks, roads, and many other works.

Northern Star (Lismore, NSW), 15th April 1942 page 1.

Whilst many who were unfit for war service volunteered, approximately one third of the participants were conscripted. (All men from 18-60 years could be so conscripted.) Although paid civilian award rates, they worked under army-style regulation, and could be sent anywhere around the nation to work. Some served in the combat zone of New Guinea,  some died whilst serving in the CCC and some worked under contract to the USA army.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 8th September 1942 page 5.

Crockwell Gazette (NSW), 13th January 1943 page 4.

Australian War Memorial #014825. 1943. “New Guinea. Meal time at a Civil Construction Corps Mess. Volunteers from the Corps were rushed from Australia to New Guinea to carry out urgent projects for the Allied Forces.”

Daily Mercury (Qld), 24th July 1945 page 2.

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