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Examples of the buttons featured will be shown under the advertising, where possible.


During 1953-4 there was a cross-promotion with Twinprufe Wool.

27th May 1953 page 51. Versions of this advert appeared in the Australian Women’s Weekly in May-June 1953. “Exclusive Beauclaire buttons to match” the wool are mentioned.

The Sunday Herald (Sydney), 16th August 1953 page 16.

Sunday Herald, 20 September 1953 page 24. A 4-way frock to sew.

“Take a button..make That model; the tiny waist, those eyebrows! Published 18 November 1953 page 31 in the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Pep up last year’s frock with a crisp button-on yoke and pocket.Published 30 November 1953 page 35 in The Australian Women’s Weekly.

















Woman’s Day, 12th April 1954 page 3.

Woman’s Day and Home 31 May 1954 page 3.

Woman’s Day and Home, 28th June1954 page 25.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 20th August 1954 page 25.

Woman’s Day and Home, 23rd August 1954 page 25.

Woman’s Day and Home, November 15th 1954 page 40.



C.1955 advertising flyer that came with a sewing pattern.

Versions of these  buttons are still being produced.

The hearts and daisies are described as being available in pearlised-pastels. The gumdrops are described as ‘pastel clear sparkling crystal’. The flower button adorning the sun-bonnet was available in ’18 bright, gay kiddie colours’. General plastic tried to promote their buttons by designing slightly strange dress patterns that involved excessive quantities of buttons. You could write to them to buy the patterns for 3/9 each.








Woman’s Day magazine, 25th April 1955 page 24.




Woman’s Day and Home, 7th November 1955 page 37.

Woman’s Day and Home, 21st November 1955.



Woman’s Day, 1st October 1956 page 47.

Woman’s Day, 18th November 1956 page 53. Careful with that straw!

Woman’s Day, 22nd Oct 1956 page 55. That clown is just plain creepy!



Woman’s Day, 1st April 1957 page 35.

Woman’s Day, 22nd April 1957 page 6.

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