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4th August 2021

1st Australian Horse, N.S.W. 1897-1903








Unlike the button featured on the 23rd March, this is an original, not a reproduction. The unit was gazetted in 1897, would serve in the Boer Wars, and was absorbed into the Commonwealth Military Forces in 1903 as  the 3rd Australian Light Horse (Australian Horse).

Hobson & Sons are military uniform manufacturers. The firm was established in 1850, acquiring the Lexington Street premise around 1880.

Air Force News , 1st November 1997 page 14.  Sgt Amos in a Boer War era uniform for the unit’s centenary celebrations.


3rd August 2021

Thank-you Sonia!

Beauclaire advertised its ‘Tiny Tots’ button in 1954. They included a rabbit, elephant, fish and a duck that previously been sold under the Norris C. Rex label. The elephant  was  for some reason was left out of the advertising below, although it did appear on a leaflet included in a dress pattern.

Published in Woman’s Day and Home 31 May 1954 page 3. “These pert little animals make kiddies’ clothes bight and gay.”

However, they also sold them on there standard cards, as seen above. They can be spotted within 1954-55 advertising.















These designs have been intermittently reissued ever since, so have been a long term success story. Even today Spotlight stores are selling a “new” novelty duck that is the same design.

2nd August 2021

New Finds:








Despite the claim that the buttons were made “exculsively for” David Jones, this style of card of buttons were also made “exclusively for” Grace Bros and Farmer’s! This a bit of a stretch of the meaning of “exclusive”! There is no clue as to who made the buttons.

Probably metalised plastic buttons, made by Beutron for Woolworths.









Lincraft was formerly Suzanne Silks from 1938 until around 1982. In 2005 it became Lincraft Australia Pty Ltd under new owners.

The Canberra Times, 9th November 1988 page 11.

1st August 2021

A Keen Collector

I shan’t be wearing my collection like this!

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 25th October 1911 page 37.


In 1910 there had been a successful Cadet’s Tour to England. In light of this, a similar tour for cadets aged 15-18 years was organised for the Coronation celebrations.The NSW contingent travelled by ship to South Africa, where they toured  Boar War battlefields. Cadets  also toured the United Kingdom, France and Germany.


31st July 2021


Gaol Warders H.M.G. N.S.W.

Firmin London.

The Queen Victoria crown, plus the “H.M.G.” for Her Majesty’s Gaols, indicate this button dates pre-1902.


(Another) Australian Staff Corps

K.C. Luke Pty. Ltd. Melbourne

In 1920 this corps took over the administrative duties, and the Australian Instructional Corps (AIC)  took over training of the interwar Militia from the previous Administrative and Instructional Staff (A & I Staff). Post WW2 the increasing role of a regular army, and centralisation of the part-time forces training lead to the ending of this corps in 1983.  The backmark dates this button from 1930-1952. An example by A.J.Parkes is also in my collection.


(Another) Volunteer Staff, Medical Staff & Retired Staff

Frosted gilt on gilt.

This one is marked C.R. Martin Melbourne. According to Cossum, this was supplied for Tasmanian forces.


27th July 2021

Leda samples: Part 1

I have been lucky recently to convince a Queensland lady into posting me a Leda button sample book from the 1960s. It is quite large, so I’ll share it over the next few days. Unfortunately, several pages are missing, and the remaining pages are not complete. None-the-less, a great insight into 1960s fashions.

26th July 2021

Button Clips

Have you ever wondered how the little clips that you find attached to the shanks of uniform buttons were made?

The Australasian (Melbourne), 1st February 1941 page 11.

They were advertised at 2½d per card of 1 dozen in 1947. They are known as Cotter pins or (because of their shape) R-clips.