5th November 2023

Tailors’ Buttons



An unusual way to abbreviate the name “Frederick”, and an unusual piece of advertising ephemera in this leaflet. Frederick advertised in 1900 at Freeman Street, known as Gawler Place from 1904. He was always advertising, and writing opinion pieces in the newspapers about menswear and fashions.

Petersburg Times (SA), 4th May 1900 page 3.

Petersburg Times (SA), 16th February 1904 page 4.

Australian Christian Commonwealth (SA), 22nd January 1904. Here he looks a lot younger than on the flyer.

In 1924 he opened the second store in King William Street, but soon closed the original. He now looked as in the flyer:

Australian Christian Commonwealth (SA), 1st October 1926 page 20.

News (Adelaide), 21st March 1929 page 13. Frederick (rt) provided a cricketing trophy. Frederick and his two sons, Lawrie and Norman, were all keen cricketers.

From September 1946-50 he advertised as Fredk. Walsh & Son, with Lawrie joining the firm.

Health Museum SA #AR#5219 . 1945 Registered Nurse Cape manufactured by Fredk. Walsh, 33A King William St. Adelaide.”

State Library SA #B 70625/2. Behind the float can be seen the store. 1951.

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