4th November 2023

Tailors’ Buttons

Hogan & Keightly, Adelaide

The partnership between William Hogan ( – 1931) and Stanley Mortimer Keightley (1864-1937) was established in 1904 in Rundle Street. William’s father had also been a tailor.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 10th September 1904 page 2.

Unfortunately, a fire only the next month caused some damage, although they made the most of it by running a fire salvage sale! They moved to temporary premises in the Arcade until new premises at 93 Rundle Street were ready in 1905.

Their next challenge came in 1906 when they were charged with under-paying wages, although the case was eventually dismissed.  They moved again, to Gawler Place, in 1917. The partnership ended in 1928. Mr Keightly worked as a salesman, but unfortunately drowned at Gelnelg in 1937, described as an elderly man (73 years!) How he ended up in the water at 5:30am in his pyjamas was not explained.


Hall & McLean, Adelaide

Hall & McLean were drapers in Hindley Street, Adelaide. The partners were Cornelius Edward Hall and J T Mclean. In 1879 they bought out Messrs Marshal & Taylor.

In 1884 Hall entered into a new partnership with Mr Savage which lasted until 1904. He got into financial difficulties, and had to resort to taking his case to court when the money lenders seized his furniture and sold them.

Evening Journal (Adelaide), 29th January 1884 page 1.

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