5th June 2021

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New South Wales Naval Artillery Volunteer Corps.

See Cossum page 54.

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 26th March 1887 page 647.

John Henry Alexander (1853-1927) Lee, of the Corps of Engineers, was appointed Lieutentant and Commander of the Naval Artillery Volunteers on 27th March 1884. (A meeting to form the N.A.V.  was held in December 1882 although the regulation for uniforms was published in 1884.) In 1894 he was promoted to Major in the no.3 (Submarine Mining) Company of the NSW Engineers. In 1902 he left to join the 1st Battalion, Australian Commonwealth Horse in South Africa as second in command. In 1903 he became Lt.- Colonel. From 1906 he served as Commandant of South Australia until he retired in 1911 with an honory colonelcy.

He served during WW1 from 1914-1918 as a transport officer in Sydney, handling the embarkation of troops.

The Lone Hand (magazine), 1st June 1911, page 132.





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