6th June 2021

Button Loop

A button loop for gloves; a cheap advertising give-away from Ball & Welch.



South Australian Yacht Club

The South Australian Yacht Club began in November 1869 on the Birkenhead side of the Port River.

The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide), 18th November 1869 page 2.

The Illustrated Adelaide News, 1st December 1876 page 1. Opening of the season.

In 1890 they received the Royal warrant, becoming the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron, so this button dates before then. In 1901 the Semaphore Club merged with the RSAYS, with the old Semaphore club site sold in 1927.

In 1923 the squadron was forced to move to the “Outer Harbour” by the Harbour’s Board. This was not a pleasant place and facilities at the new location were poor.

During WW2 most racing and sailing was suspended. Some members served in the local Naval Auxilary Patrol. Post war a new mooring basin was dredged for the Squadron, and facilities finally improved from 1959 onwards.



8/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles

Thanks, Carol. Stokes

This has the same “supporter” i.e. the kangaroo and lion,  as for the NSW Coat of Arms, but on opposite sides. 

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