1st March 2021

Uniform Buttons


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CityRail was the branding of passenger services in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong from 1989-2003. It was superceded by Sydney Trains and NSW Trainlink. The logo on the button was used until 2010.


Hobart Fire Brigade

Stokes & Sons Melb.

The first 1859 the first Hobart Fire station was established. In 1879 the Hobart Town Fire brigade advertised that it was maintained “soley by the undermentioned Insurance Companies”, naming eleven in all, and warning that the brigade would not service businesses not insured by those named!! In 1883 the Governing Council approved a new Hobart Fire Brigade to take over the existing fire tower and fire fighting equipment. In 1911 the headquarters was moved from Bathurst Street to Argyle Street.

Libraries Tasmania image # PH30-1-1641. 1900

Libraries Tasmania image #PH30-1-1628. Hobart Fire Brigade Station 1910.

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