26th March 2022

From 1919

Perhaps the author was a little cynical; perhaps not.

The Corowa Free Press (NSW), 1st April 1919 page 3.

Is it not possible that in 1919, with the soldiers returning or already home, the women and girls who had found purpose in helping with the war efforts were not ready to stop feeling useful? Perhaps they would have been at a loss without charitable work to do? With the great loss of life of men of a marrying age, there would have been many girls left as spinsters. I’m sure it was not as easy as doing a little sewing to “catch” a man.


From an article in the Observer(Adelaide), 12th July 1919 page 20. The article ended on the hopeful note that ” … it would be reasonable to expect that during the next few years there would be an enormous number of men from other countries coming to Australia.” All is not lost, girls!

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