24th March 2022

Daisy the Kangaroo

Whilst researching pre-federation troops, I came across the story of Daisy (sometimes Daisy-Belle). She was the mascot of the Victorian Mounted Rifles, and got to travel to England and be presented to the Queen as a Jubilee gift in 1897. I’m not sure the climate suited her, as she died the following year. Her story inspired artists and poets.

The Melbourne Punch, 10th June 1897.

Melbourne Punch, 17th June 1897, page 3.

Weekly Times (Melbourne), 31st July 1897 page 12. Daisy is in the foreground.

Melbourne Punch, 10th March 1898 page 2.

The Broadford Courier and Reedy Creek Times (Broadford, Vic), 25th March 1898 page 5.

The Bulletin, 26th March 1898 page 10.

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