9th December 2021

The New Zealand Clothing Factory: part 2

The factory must have regularly tendered to supply uniforms, as I have received several backmarked “The New Zealand Clothing Factory”, although the buttons were most likely sourced from England. Some are generic patterns used by multiple forces throughout the Empire.

1885 pattern New Zealand Rifle Volunteers button.

Other Ranks Volunteer button 1870s

New Zealand Territorials Artillery, 1911. *

Artillery Volunteers 1870s. (whitemetal)

Artillery Volunteers 1870s. (copper)








See also http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/5th-september-2021/


*The NZ Territorials

A new Defence Act in 1909 allowing for compulsory service, as well as a report by Lord Kitchener, lead to a revision of the  NZ Volunteers Forces in 1911 under this new name. Not all youths were pleased with this compulsory service, and there was some misbehaviour, and even strikes! The volunteer forces are still known by this title today.

Geelong Advertiser, 26th June 1913 page 5.

The NZ territorials Artillery (see button above) was formed from the previous New Zealand Garrison Artillery Volunteers. According to the website jsmilitaria.com this button was not widely worn; rather The “New Zealand Forces” artillery button was used by permanent and volunteer forces alike.

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