7th February 2022

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These sketches were published in the ‘ABC Weekly’ magazine on 14th Februry 1942 on page 13. They include some unusual units!

The Camel Corps

First raised in December 1916 for service in the Middle East, this included two Australian, one New Zealand and one British battalion. The Australian Corps  adopted an ‘unofficial’ variation of the ‘Rising Sun’ hat badge.

They published their own magazine:

Barrack: the Camel Corps review. 1st November, 1917.

Mounted Infantry Cyclist Scouts

Bicycling Scouts preceded the Boer War, but were made much use of during it.

Melbourne Punch, 3rd December 1896 page 18.

Coolgardie Pioneer (WA), 24th February 1900 page 21.

Cyclist scouts would patrol the front whilst troops set up trenches, tents and guns as troops set up for the night. If the scouts detected trouble, they would rush in with the news, so that the resting men could rush to the trenches and ready to fight!

The Muswellbrook Chronicle (NSW), 2nd November 1901 page 7.