3rd October 2021

D. Schmidt, Adelaide

Backmark: D. Schmidt Adelaide

Diedrich Schmidt (1838-1897) was a Bremmen born engraver who came to Melbourne in 1859, then moved to Adelaide in 1867. He worked with Salis Schlank, jeweller and button maker on some medals, and apparently, at least one button! He unfortunately was insolvent in 1885, and had to move his business from Gawler Place to Freeman Street. He died in 1897 aged only 60 years.

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 7th April 1892 page 7.


St Michael’s College, Adelaide

No maker’s mark.








A Catholic school opened in 1954. The Primary campus is situated  Beverley, and the College, opened in 1967, in neighbouring Henley Beach.


Campbelltown High School

No mark.









This High School was  opened around 1958  and merged in 1992.

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