30th November 2023

New Finds

This ‘Leda’ button was also sold on Beauclaire cards.

?Polyvinylidene chloride or polyethelene.

Leda Buttons, after the branding Beauclaire had been dropped (circa 1959) were labelled  variously as Fashion, Boil-Proof, Permalon, Permaloid and Permalite.

Although the meaning behind these names (as used by General Plastics) has been lost in time, “Permalon” was another name for “Saran”, a clear polymer called Polyvinylidene chloride, developed by Dow Chemical. There was a 1945 reference to it being used for windscreens, and also permalon tennis balls and  baby bottles. There is now a firm named Permalon making polyethelene pool liners.

The Australian Women’s Weekly, 1st November 1972 page 47.


D. C. Quinn made good quality casein buttons and button blanks. Some they  sold under the brand name ‘Delphi’ in 1954. There products were also sold by distributors  with branding such as Walkers and Cygnet.

South Western Times (Bnbury, WA), 18th November 1954 page 2. The ‘Walker’ selling the button here was not the same Walker who later distributed the buttons.

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