28th June 2020

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Grace Brothers was a department store, founded in 1885 in Sydney by English brothers Albert Edward and Joseph Neal Grace.

Albert Edward Grace (1865-1938)

Joseph Neal Grace  (1859 -1931)









Joseph worked for Farmer & Co, then as a travelling saleman with his brother before starting a small shop in 1885. They prospered so that by 1897 they needed to build a 4-story building which was extended a couple of times. The firm became a limited liability company owned by the Grace family in 1917. In 1929 they erected a business house at the corner of York and King Street. Prior to his death in 1938 Albert had planned the suburban expansion of Grace Bros. In 1985 it was bought by Myers.

The first store in George Street, 1885.

The Broadway store. Both photos from Construction, 3rd June 1953 page 6.


Fashion Tricks with buttons:

From the Australian Women’s Weekly, 2nd November 1960 page 57:

“Old buttons plus old dress equals new look.”

Cover your dress in buttons and braid, make a pocket monogram out of tiny buttons, cover  belts,  cuffs, collars or pockets, or perhaps not ….

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