26th November 2020

Colonial buttons

From a past auction by Noble Numismatics, used with permission.

In 1988 Mr J. K. Cossum published a book entitled ‘Buttons of the Defence Forces in Australia’. He also authored several books on Australian Army Badges. It remains a good resource for history buffs and collectors, although there were omissions (due to the rarity of some examples) and some errors in dating. According to this book, the above buttons and their era are as stated Those marked  I have corrected below.

Top row:   Royal Victorian Volunteer Artillery Regiment (1860-1870) x 2 ,and Victorian Volunteer Artillery Regiment (1856-60)¹

Middle row:  Hobart  City Guards (1860-1867)², 1st Rifles Southern Tasmania Volunteers (1860-1866), Victorian Naval Artillery (c.1863).

Bottom row: Victorian Volunteer Service (1870-1880)³ ,  unknown colonial artillery , NSW Artillery (1871-1880)


¹ The Royal title was given in 1859 not 1860.

² The Hobart City Guards was the Hobart Town City Guards. Hobart Town became Hobart formally in 1881.

³ The motto on the button dates it from 1875. In 1891 the motto changed from ‘Aut Pace Aut Bello’ to ‘Pro Deo Et Patria’.

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