25th November 2020

1st Australian Horse

Thanks to Noble Numismatics: backmark Hobson & Son.

The First Australian Horse was a volunteer unit gazetted in 1897 with detachments of fine horsemen raised from from all over country NSW in 1898.

NSW Government Gazette, 5th August 1897 page 5519.

They wore a uniform of dark (myrtle) green with black embroidery in a hussar pattern. The buttons and badges were originally black, but later changed to brass. The slouch hat was turned up at the left hand side and featured the regimental badge. Two contingents were sent to the Boer Wars.

Australian War Memorial image P01578.001 Trooper Curtis c.1899.The sword was carried by Australian cavalry during the 1900-01 campaign.

This regiment became a militia (partially paid) in 1900. In 1903 as part of the new Federal forces, they became the 3rd Australian Light Horse, then in 1908, the 11th Light Horse.

See  http://www.lighthorse.org.au/1st-australian-horse/

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