26th February 2022

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Mercantile Marine

Pacific Steam Navigation Co

Backmark: Firmin & Sons Ld. London. Pre 1902.

The company was founded in London in 1838, carrying mail along the Pacific coast of South America. Around 1876 it gained a mail contract from London to Sydney; this route was sold in 1905 to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company followed by the rest of the company five years later.

Evening News (Sydney), 4th March 1876 page 4.

The Telegraph (Brisbane), 12th July 1910 page 6.

Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney), 26th December 1896. The Orotna unfortunately sank in 1896.


Oh, Wilt Thou Sew My Buttons On?

A sentimental poem describing the query of a gallant, but poor, soldier to his love.

Colonial Times (Hobart), 11th June 1850 page 4.