27th February 2022

Around the World with One Button

An Australian themed button made by a French company sold by a German trader to an American Collector! It says “Blue Mountain Sydney”.









Although it does not show clearly in the photos, there is a backmark of an “anchor and bomb”; the mark of Coinderoux who bought out Trenton, Weldon & Weil in 1904 and traded until around 2008. It was then taken over by Janvier.

Although the lady who bought it wondered if it was a park ranger’s button, I think it must be a souvenir button, as rangers would have one with the name of the government department on it, e.g. http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/14th-may-2021/

I contacted Janvier, but they had no records relating to this design. Doe anyone know about his button? Do you have any other ‘foreign’ Australian souvenir buttons?

Check out her blog: http://flyingbuttonranch.blogspot.com/

Knox Grammar School Cadets

Backmarks Small: Stokes & Sons, Princes of Wales plumes. Large Stokes & Sons Melb







Knox Grammar opened in 1924 in Wahroonga, Sydney as a day and boarding school. it has run a cadet program since 1929, with girls from the sister school of Ravenswood eligible for the last decade.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 21st August 1923 page 9.