29th September 2023

Motor Yacht Club

Stokes & Sons.

The button design shows a club burgee (a flag bearing the colours or emblem of a sailing club, typically triangular) bearing a propeller symbol, and the letters M.Y.C. for Motor Yacht Club. But which one? I think it looks like the Tasmanian club, although surely it should have had the letters M.Y.C.T?


Royal Motor Yacht Club

This started as the Motor Boat Club in 1905, changing the name to Motor Yacht Club in 1912 and gaining the Royal prefix in 1927. It has branches at Point Piper and Broken Bay.


Royal Victorian Motor Club

Founded in 1904 on the Yarra River, then moving to Williamstown in 1909, it received the Royal prefix in 1937.


Motor Yacht Club Tasmania

Founded as the Derwent Motor Yacht Club in 1924, it was renamed as the Motor Yacht Club of Tasmania in 1926.


Mordialloc Motor Yacht Club

Established in 1925.

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