24th August 2020

Shell  Merchantile Navy

from left: R. MacLeod Forest Avenue East London, Stokes & Sons Melb, unmarked.

Shell’s logo changed over the years. From Wikipedia:


South Australian uniform

Olson Adelaide

Quoting from Wikipedia:

“The piping shrike is the emblematic bird that appears on South Australia’s flag, State Badge and Coat of Arms. The bird appears “displayed proper” with its wings outstretched and curved upwards. Although the image of the piping shrike is readily identified with South Australia, the bird in its own right has never been formally adopted as a faunal or bird emblem of the state. The term piping shrike for this species of Australian magpie is correct, yet uncommon. The term piping shrike is commonly mistaken to refer to the magpie-lark, which is incorrect. “

State badge.

State flag.







Presumably this is a state government, or Governor’s, uniform button?

Olson Adelaide

This company has been operating near Adelaide from 1966 as Allan J. Olson Pty. Ltd. making badges, medallions, name bars and uniform buttons.  Allan Olson started as an apprentice in 1936 with S. Schlank & Co., working with them until 1965 then starting his own business. In 1971 he bought the former Schlank plant, equipment (including many old dies) and their factory located in Forrestville, South Australia.


Huntingdale Golf Club

Stokes & Sons Melb. The horn on the button is a nod to the club’s  site origins as a hunt club.

Formed from a club started in 1896, the club opened in 1941 on the site of the old Melbourne Hunt Club in East Oakleigh.  Huntingdale has hosted the Australian Masters since 1979.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 10th October 1948 page 22. Jim Ferrier playing at Huntingdale.

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