21st October 2020

British Regiment buttons: 12th (Suffolk) Regiment of Foot

The Sun (Sydney), 13th October 1949 page 34.

The Queenslander, September 29th 1932 page 27. Badge and Officers badge of the 12th.

Victoria Barracks in Sydney was built for the accommodation of British troops such as the 12th  Regiment of Foot. They were based in Sydney until called to New Zealand in 1860 to take part in the Maori wars.

AWM # P06142.001 Staff Sergeant Reynolds of the 12th Regiment of Foot, 1857-1860.

A deployment of this regiment in Victoria was involved in the infamous battle at the Eureka Stockade rebellion in 1854. They were also deployed to Tasmania, Queensland and Swan River (West Australia). The regiment left Australia in 1866.

See Cossum page 64.

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