21st March 2024

Uniform Buttons

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Amateur Coursing Club

Coursing was a early form of greyhound racing. Dogs were let off the leash in vacant land to case down prey such as rabbits or wallabies. A judge followed the course on horseback, as did some of the participants. Others followed on foot. Prize money was awarded.

It may seem distasteful to modern sensibilities, but it was the way greyhound racing started all around the world, in an era where trapping and shooting were both a past-time and a necessity. The first event took place in Victoria in 1873. The Amateur Coursing Club (also referred to as the Victorian Amateur Coursing Club) was established in 1876.

The Argus (Melbourne), 12th May 1876 page 7.

The members of this new club were a little disappointed in the new club button (?badge) …

The Argus (Melbourne), 15th May 1876 page 6.

State Library SA image #B31246. 1907 photo of Port Victoria Coursing Club.

The Mail (Adelaide), 7th August 1937 page 32. “speedy greyhounds in action”.

It may have folded around 1881, possibly as there were was a scarcity of hares in the paddocks they were using. Coursing was still happened up to the 1940s.


Could this be from the Victorian Football League? I have found no reference to a VFL button.

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