20th November 2023

Military Badges: part 3

Here are a few more examples and explanations of designs, including some more recent examples.

Adelaide Observer, 18th August 1900 page 14.

Chronicle (Adelaide), 6th July 1907 page 30. The badges were designed and manufactured by H. D. Dobson of North Adelaide.

Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW), 15th July 1943 page 1.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 6th March 1951 page 3.

Australian Army, 29th October 1964 page 6.

Australian Army, 27th August 1970 page 1.

Australian Army, 23rd March 1972 page 9.

Australian Army31st May 1973 page 1.

Australian Army, 27th November 1975 page 2.

Australian Army, 15th April 1976 page 5. The Special Air Service regiment started recruiting that year.

Australian Army, 15th April 1976 page 5.

Army, 30th April 1987 page 10.

Army, 16th November 1995 page 1.

Army, 1st December 2005 page 3.

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