1st September 2022

Unusual Backmark

Volunteer Cadet Corps: c.1899-1901

See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/uniform-buttons-2/school-buttons/#Victorian_Volunteer_Cadets_Corps

Walter Moncton/Monckton was a tailor whose backmark appears on only a small number of uniform button. His backmark appears also on a C.F.B. (Country Fire Brigade) and an artillery button. From 1885 until approx 1899 he was located in Fitzroy, then in Flinders Street, Melbourne until he left for England after 1919.  Newspaper articles below describe him providing cadet uniforms in 1908 and 1911 to which similar buttons (except with the Tudor not the Queen Victoria crown) would have been attached. He therefore had a long association with the cadets.

Advocate (Melbourne), 18th July 1908 page 20.

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