18th August 2023

Corduroy Suits

The word corduroy brings to my mind warmth, softness but also a certain ‘dagginess”. However, corduroy suits have been intermittantly fashionable over the years, and sometimes quite stylish.

The material is made of cotton or wool, with ridges (cords) of fibre woven into the base fabric. It has been made in Europe since the 18th century, and enjoyed a surge in popularity in the 1970s.

The Labor Daily (Sydney), 15th June 1932 p7

The Sun (Sydney), 28th August 1949 page 41. Left: cotton corduroy with a short jib jacket. Right: Red corduroy coat. What makes them university wear?

The Herald (Melbourne), 25th November 1950 page 12. A slightly bizarre corduroy suit to wear around the house. Well, would you wear it out?

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 27th June 1951 p4.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 25th June 1975 page 84.

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