13th June 2022

Commonwealth Cadet Corps

These buttons date 1906-1910. King Edward VII died on 6th May 1910.

The Parramatta Woollen Mill , Sydney.

Backmark: Stokes & Sons Melb.

Sunday Times (Sydney), 27th March 1910 page 19.









In 1906 His Majesty King Edward VII established the Commonwealth Cadet Corps, to embrace the existing Cadet Corps existing around the country into a Federal organisation. The headquarters was relocated to the Drill Hall at Victoria Barracks, Sydney.

The North Western Advocate and the Emu Bay Times (Tas), 1st December1905.

The Star (Sydney), 11th January 1906 page 6.

Sunday Times (Sydney), 10th July 1910 page 15.

Australian War Museum #P05184.002 Three cadets from Junee, c.1908-9

In 1910 a Universal Training scheme was instituted, where all medically fit boys from ages 12-19 years had to partake in the Junior and Senior Cadets. This compulsory system lasted until 1929, then reverted to a voluntary one. The Corps was renamed the Australian Army Cadet Corps in 1993.

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