19th November 2023

Military Badges: part 2.

A series of illustrations of badges of rank were printed in The Age newspaper in February 1940.

5th February 1940 page 11. “Badges of rank worn by Army officers.” Another, clearer illustration of some of these, from the Sunday Times, 1915, of these may be seen directly below.

Sunday Times (Sydney), 27th June 1915 page 1.

6th February 1940 page 4.”The badges in many cases indicate clearly what the duties of the wearer are.” Top row L-R: musketry instructor, physical training instructor, assistant signalling instructor, riding instructor, best swordsman in squadron, best swordsman in troop, best machine-gunner in squadron, light machine-gun marksman.  Middle L-R: 1st prize gunner, 2nd prize gunner, layer R A, range-taker 1st class, 1st prize driver mechanized, driver 1st class, 1st prize driver horse, best shot in battalion.  Bottom L-R: best shot in company, twenty-two best shots in battalion, rifle marksman, drummer, bugler, trumpeter, good conduct badge, Royal Tank Corps badge.

7th February, 1940 page 6.

8th February 1940 page 4.

9th February 1940 page 4.

10th February 1940 page 16.

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