18th April 2023

NSW or Victorian Volunteer Rifles








This button has been passed down to Deborah Zinn (who kindly supplied these photos) by Stanley (Roy) Stephens, 100 years young. Although he and his family served in WW1 and WW2 the button dates from 1860-70, so its origin remains a mystery. Hebbert & Co were military outfitters and accrourement makers (later also police and railways) from 1852 until 1894, then becoming Hebbert & Co, Ltd. until at least 1904, possibly 1909.

Cossum lists the NSW version on page 5, and lists Stokes and C. Anderson as backmarks. I have also seen it listed as marked C. K. Moore, farmer & Co, Firmins, and Firmin & Sons. The Victorian version is shown on page 9, listed as made by T. Stokes.

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