17th October 2022

Printing on buttons

Since at least the mid 1970s little white buttons with various cartoon type characters have been produced as children’s buttons, such as the series produced by JHB in 1976 of Beatrix Potter characters. This type can been seen on Embassy, Woolworths, Beutron cards. They were also produced by Maxart. Interestingly, two of the buttons, nos. LVM7 and LVM28 are made without a protruding shank; they have a  thread groove with two sewing holes, like some glass buttons do.

Partial Maxart card from the 1970s.









Interestingly, the bee character is also seen on an Embassy card, although the shanks appear shorter than on the Maxart example. This probably means that both Beutron and Maxart were using designs under licence from a third party.

The buttons on this Beutron card (made in Australia) have been sold on Jason branded cards.  Jason Buttons Ltd were a London based importer of items such as plastic buttons from at least 1973 until 2017 (some of the cards have a very  1960s look). It is possible they imported the cat buttons from Australia.

Found on Pintrest.









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