16th April 2021

Colonial Uniform Buttons

Queensland Volunteers

1897-1901 and 1902-1903

The crown used on button on the left is Prince Albert’s Crown, the Guelphic Crown of the Dukes of the House of Hanover. The other button has the Tudor Crown used by Kings Edwards VII, George V and George VI from 1902 until 1953. The separate Colonial forces were merged after Federation but existed up to 1911 in the State of Queensland. After 1903 a button with Edward VII cypher replaced this one.

It was on the advice of Colonel French in 1884 that standard new uniforms in khaki were introduced with new buttons  struck bearing the word ‘Queensland’ . “The Royal artillery buttons can be used for the batteries here, but in the event of the Imperial Authorities not having general service buttons (VR under a crown) it will be necessary to have a die made and buttons struck off for the other corps.” However, Imperial designs and colours, particularly for dress uniforms, weren’t phased out until the 1890s, and in the case of the artillery, until 1911.

In 1885 a small permanent force was raised as well as part time militia, to improve upon the (up til then) entirely volunteer system.

See  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/uncategorized/18th-october-2020/


Tasmanian Rifle Volunteers

In 1878 new volunteer forces were raised after a period of decline in the colony that had left only Launceston Artillery Corps functioning. However, once again the volunteer forces dwindled until a new Commandant arrived from England in 1883, and Tasmanian Defence Forces were raised in 1885.  The new uniforms and buttons did not arrive until 1889!

See  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/defence-forces-uniform-buttons/pre-federation/#Tasmania

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