17th April 2021

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Perth Mounted Rifle Volunteers

According to Cossum: 1894-1897.

The W.A. Record (Perth), 17th May 1894 page 9.

This troop failed quickly. In January 1895 the corps strength was 44 men, but by the end of the year it had fallen to just 24. It was reported in September 1896 that the Perth Mounted Rifles had “ceased to exist”. By 30th June 1897 they were formerly disbanded. Perhaps the lack of weapons was a problem despite their “tasty” uniforms!

The Daily News (Perth), 26th January 1895 page 1.

Evening News (Sydney), 9th January 1896 page 5.

There was a proposal to re-raise the corps in October 1899, but possibly the events in the Transvaal (Boer War) overtook this concern, with many men joining the 1st Western Australian Mounted Infantry in November 1899.

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