10th December 2020

Colonial Yacht Clubs

Please let me know if you have any of these buttons!

Sydney Yacht Club

This organisation started in February 1856. In May they issued the Laws and Regulations:

The Sydney Morning Herald, 8th May 1856 page 4. The club buttons were imported from England.

Between February and June 1862 the club had faded away, so that several men met together to revive the once successful club. They succeeded, and in June the following year received the Royal warrant, becoming the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. In 1865 the  Secretary  let it be known that he had an ample supply of club buttons for the members.

Perhaps the buttons bore this logo.


South Australian Yacht Club

A club of this name began in 1855 but some time after 1863 dissolved. In  November 1869 a new club of the same name was started, with the first race on New Year’s Day, 1870.

State Library Victoria, BIB ID 1695650.

Buttons were being shipped in 1873.

In 1890 they received the Royal warrant, becoming the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron.


Glenelg Yacht Club

The first Glenelg Yacht Club existed in 1858, but perhaps did not last for long. A new club started in 1874, the club deciding on their club buttons in 1877 …

South Australian Register (Adelaide), 31st January 1877 page 5. (A burgee is a triangular flay sporting the clubs colours/emblem.) They were ordered from England and arrived in September. Another article described the buttons as gilt with foul anchor and G.Y.C. upon it.

The Glenelg Yacht Club’s “burgee”