9th December 2020

More Colonial uniform buttons to wish for.

On some uniforms it a generic design was used with, for example, the monarch’s cypher and a laurel wreath. If anyone has examples of these colonial buttons, please send us a picture! Please!


The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser , 31st March 1825 page 2.

NSW Police Buttons

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 18th February 1836 page 3.

The Australian (Sydney), 19th February 1836 page 2. The journalist’s of the day were often a bit contemptuous.

Bathurst Advocate (NSW), 12th February 1848 page 3. From an article about the local police force. Hopefully the buttons didn’t actually say ‘Folice Force’!


Letter carriers

The Sydney Herald, 28th April 1841 page 3.

National Archives image #C4076:HN409. A sketch of a letter carrier, 1856.


Sydney  City

Australian Chronicle (Sydney), 17 Nov 1842 p2.

The Dispatch (Sydney), 12th October 1844 page 1. It took two years to organise the buttons?


The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 13th June 1837 page 3. I wonder if the buttons actually said “V.R.” as William IV had died just before this and Victoria was soon to be crowned.

Multiple references to “V.R. buttons” (Victoria Regina) were made in newspapers that indicate these were used to indicate you were a Government official, as a generic official button.

The Melbourne Argus, 18th May 1847 page 4.