5th October 2020

Two circa 1938 cards of Disney buttons

They have some damage, which is not surprising after 90 odd years. They are quite different to the locally made versions.

“Hand painted. Remove before washing. What a bother. Notice the copyright W. D. ENT  (Walt Disney Enterprises).

What have fish got to do with Snow White? Nothing; its just marketing. However, these cards were used for buttons such as the one below of one of the Seven Dwarves.

See https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/454441418630644153/

Pat sent me a picture of some in her collection. I suspect the versions with diamente eyes date later, as Prevue branded realistic animals with and without diamente eyes were sold from around 1948. Perhaps Harlem-Alder (the company that produced Prevue Movie buttons) made these Disney buttons too? Does anyone know which company, with the initials LP, made the Hollywood trademarked buttons?

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