3rd September 2021

Pre Federation British Uniform Buttons from NZ

57th Regiment of Foot

Backmark: Rogers & Co, King St Covent Garden, London

Jennens & Co London (Prince of Wales plume)








“Rogers & Co” probably refer to “Hamburger, Rogers & Co” of 30 Kings Street, Covent Garden, London. They were military outfitters and suppliers from 1839. Jennens & Co used the Prince of Wales plume on the buttons from 1860.

The 57th were stationed in New Zealand from 1861 until 1867. Therefore these buttons date from the regiment’s time stationed in New Zealand during the Land Wars (previously referred to as the Maori Wars), which was later than their time in Australia in 1825-32, but the design is the same.



18th Regiment of Foot







This button has been repaired, possibly because it was a ‘dug’ item and the back was too corroded.

This regiment travelled and served in Australia briefly in 1870 after returning from New Zealand and before sailing for Britain. This button therefore is contemporaneous with the regiment’s time in Australia.


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