31st October 2023

Vintage Haberdashery part 1

Some items from hubby’s grandmother’s sewing tin:









I find it amazing that pins were sold wrapped in paper, only folded to keep them in: not even taped.

                                                            The Sydney Morning Herald, 29th December 1936 page 14.


                                    Hamilton Spectator and Grange District Advertiser (Vic), 31st October 1868 page 1.

The term “double headed pin” makes it sound like there was no pointed end; but that doesn’t fit the description. Perhaps some pins had no ‘head’ at all? If Birmingham was the centre of pin production, I wonder why the pins above were referred to as ‘London Pins’. There are also dressmakers pins, entomological pins (for mounting insects!), hat pins, hair pins, and firing pins (in guns)

1973 advertising

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