29th July 2020

There’s something fishy going on …

Since 1936 fish shaped buttons have been swimming onto our clothes.

The Sun, 1st July 1936 page 27.

The Sun, 13th November 1949 page 9.

One of Anne Stuart Lindsay (a Sydney designer) fish buttons. 1936.







Below are “Cinderella” buttons, advertised in 1951.  This fish, whilst having nothing to do with the movie, was an Australian design seen first on Rex. C. Norris cards, then Beauclaire, then Beutron, and still popping up today!

I’ve placed the colour variations on an old card.

Carol’s school of Beauclaire/Beutron and Rex fish.

Vintage Beauclaire buttons on a reproduction card.


1980s Beutron version.










Other fish buttons:

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