28th March 2021

Uniform Buttons

City of Perth 11th Infantry Battalion

Australian War Memorial REL38257. Hat badge.

Stokes & Sons Melb

The West Australian (Perth), 9th February 1939 page 21.

The Battalion was first raised in 1915 and disbanded in 1919. There have been various reincarnations of this unit; the current version being the 11/28th Battalion, Royal Western Australia regiment.


Northern Victoria Regiment, 38th Infantry Regiment.

Stokes & Sons Melb

Details from a hat badge photoshopped to highlight the elements on the button. The elements on the coat of arms include a crossed shovel and pick and a sheath of wheat.











The original infantry battalion was raised from 1916-1919. The inter-war years saw it re-raised as a part-time military unit. This regiment was merged in 1960 with the Victorian Scottish, Royal Melbourne, Melbourne Rifles, North West Victorian (see yesterday’s post) and the Hume Regiments, to form the Royal Victorian Regiment. The initial two battalions were increased to four then merged into the 5/6th and the 8/7th Battalions.

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