28th August 2020


The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 26th February, 1908 page 563.

From The Queenslander, 29th October 1931 page 39.


Queensland Scouts

These are all marked A. J. Parkes, Brisbane.

Scouting buttons in both hollow and solid back types.

Scouting in Queensland started in October 1908, only 9 months after the publishing of Baden Powell’s famous book. Four separate patrols were started by church leaders of boys groups. In 1909 they joined into a State organisation.


New South Wales Scouts

No backmark

Scouting in NSW also started in 1908. As the troops formed independently, there resulted in several separate associations. It is now predominantly a branch of Scouts Australia.


Unspecified scouts









Stokes & Sons

We have not seen a Scouts Victoria button; perhaps they were not made. Let us know (and send a picture) if we are wrong!

Modern plastic Scouts Australia button with no backmark.

Plastic Girl Guides and Brownies buttons, no backmarks.