27th May 2021

School Buttons

Due to the long history of some of these schools, it is not surprising there are some variations in the uniform buttons.

Adelaide High School

No marker’s mark. Post 1976.

Adelaide Boys High School opened in 1951 (from former versions of the school).  In 1977 it amalgamated with its girls’ campus, the ‘B’ for Boys being dropped from the school crest and the buttons.

Pre 1977 button for Adelaide Boys College by Schlank Adelaide.

Whilst not all Schlank buttons I own are back marked, they are all slightly convex (as are the buttons made by Olsen Badges who bought the firm). The new button above is flat with a slightly different shank. Don has a ABHS button with the lamp filled with the blue enamel. Is it a variation, or has this button just lost some of the enamelling?


St Peter’s College, Adelaide

No Marker’s mark. Like the AHS example, it is flat.









Exisiting from 1847, there are (at least) 2 other variations of this college’s buttons.