26th May 2023

Coles and Kmart

These cards date from the 1970s.

In 1968 G. J. Coles & Coy Limited of Australia and S.S. Kresge Company (USA) jointly started to develop Kmart stores in Australia. The first store in Burwood, Victoria was opened on 30th April 1969. Kreseg would divest its stakes in Coles Myer by 1994. The Coles Group (including Kmart) has been owned by Wesfarmers since 2007.

The Broadcaster (Fairfield, NSW), 21st November 1972 page 16. “Pictured is the new K mart food supermarket. In its first three years of operatins Kmart (Australia) Limited opened 10 Kmart stores in five states.”

The Broadcaster (Fairfield, NSW), 11th June 1974 page 11.

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