24th July 2020

Hints for dating your carded Beauclaire Buttons


NB: that where I have not yet found confirmation the dates will be preceded by a question mark.

October 1941: O.C. Rheubens & Co. Ltd, becomes General Plastics Pty. Ltd.

1946: Listed on stock market as General Plastics Ltd.

?1950: Pale blue cards with cream details and the name Beauclaire in an oval appear. These appear in a large 12×18.5 cm  and a smaller 6x9cm sizes. At first these have a plain back; later there is printed information.

1951: The name Beauclaire first appears in newsprint .

1953-4:  ‘The Twinprufe Button”.

1954-7: Cards printed with ‘Beauclaire’ in a loop.

1954-5: ‘Tiny Tots’

1954: ‘Moonglow’,  “Approved by Dry Cleaners’ and Dyers’ Association of N.S.W.”

1955-7: “Approved by ‘ the Federal Council of Dry Cleaners of Australia.’” The name ‘Moonglow’  superseded by ‘Superglow’.

?1957-8: Both Beauclaire and Leda cards appear with a similar design.

Note that the card on the right is on a Beutron style card with the ‘matching cotton’.












1958: “Leda by Beauclaire”, Permalite



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