9th July 2023

Current Metal Button Manufacturers: part 2

Italian Manufacturers.

Gritti Group

This family firm was established in 1924 in Lombardy, Italy, manufacturing MOP buttons and accessories. They started making polyester products in 1968, then from 1989 extended to horn, corozo, wood, galalith and leather.


BAP bottonificio

Another Italian button manufacturer, making MOP, metal, polyester, corozo, galalith, leather, wooden, coconut, bone, jean buttons, etc. They were established in 1940 in Villongo, becoming Bottonificio BAP S.P.A. in 1988.


Lorio Spa

Established in 1957 in Lombardy; specialising in metal buttons.

Pagania Button Factory

Founded in 1954.


Bottonificio Piemontese

Established in 1954, it supplies French and Italian coutour designers with polyester, casein, recycled eco-sustainable, and high fashion zama, MOP, enamel and rhinestone buttons.



Established in 1984, they produce shirt and clothing buttons using rhinestone, metal, polyester, fabric, and natural materials such as MOP, wood, coconut, bamboo, leather and rafia.

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