23rd January 2022

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Colony of Western Australia, Volunteers.

Rare button from various volunteer corps are featured in Cossum’s book, pages 27-29.

Northampton Rifle Volunteers: 1884-1899

Although there was interest from 1881, funds were not made available for this corps until 1884, as a detachment of the Geralton Corps although it had its own title. While it started with a strength of 40 men, when it was finally disbanded in 1899 due to ‘general inefficiency’ it was clear that many of those on the rolls were no longer attending and there were no new recruits coming forward.

The Daily News (Perth), 27th June 1884 page 3.

I have not found an image of the Northampton Volunteers, but here are some of the Geraldton Volunteers (1876- 1897) of which they were a subsidiary.

State Library WA image : Helmet belonging to Lieutenant F. Wittenoom of the Geraldton Rifle Volunteers.

Close up of badge. Like the button in Cossum of the Guildford Rifle Volunteers, it shows only the lettering GRV. Could the button on Cossum page 27 be for the Geraldton uniform rather than the Guildford?

State Library WA

The West Australian (Perth), 20th October 1953 page 2.