20th May 2021

Beauclaire Buckles

I think the pale blue (and sometimes pink) cards with the cream border of stripes and dots are the earliest style bearing the Beauclaire brand. The first mention in advertising of “Beauclaire” is for buckles at 7½ and 10½ pence each during August 1951.

I have not seen a Beauclaire buckle like this before, although it does remind me of s flannel flowers, an Australian native.

State Library NSW file # FL1697463

“Normal”  shaped button cards replaced the square cards (see below).  The method of attachment is simpler: sewing in place with a couple of stitches rather than threading through a strip of card and taping in place. Perhaps the buckles came loose sometimes?

The above style buckle was reproduced in (probably) the mid-late 1970s on a Butterick branded card. Beutron had cross promotions with Butterick from 1970.

Around 1978 the script for ‘Butterick’ changed to all upper case lettering.

From a 1977 advert.

From a 1978 advert.