20th December 2020

Metal detector find: trouser button







The backmark is “improved quality”, a generic branding, probably British.

The “mole” is for “moleskin”, a heavy cotton fabric noted for its durability and softness, so this would be a trouser button from moleskin trousers.

The sarcastic paragraph below seems to be ridiculing men overly influenced by advertising …

South Australian (Adelaide), 9th January 1849 page 4.

Victoria mole trousers were advertised from 1859-1870.

Mount Alexander Mail (Vic), 20th May 1867 page 3.

In  advertising from the 1880s-1913 there were listed Victoria cord trousers, Victoria twist trousers, and Victoria tweed trousers and suits. I guess that ‘Victoria’ was a brand and/or style of menswear.

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